Monday, June 6, 2016

25 Ways I Sip My Tea

Now that I'm awake,
there's more than one way to take
A sip of my tea
I heard them ask me,
How to beat sad stories that
I share globally
I turn and face them,
the problems my soul can see,
to find solutions
There are some humans
that spend each waking moment
Stealing dignity,
guides my spirit into joy
Hope comes back ten-fold
In digital skies,
I find amazing creatures
With passions as I
Rounding the bases,
Focused on inner travels
Journeys of the mind
Transitions are tough
Riding the rocking chair
Trying to get there
Where solutions are
Feeling like a part of me
Out where we gather,
It has to matter
if we simulate ourselves
Genetic copies
Whether or not I
fail or succeed with answers
I can learn from them,
Clean up my own mess
Even as I'm moving on
Leaving parts of me,
(Tune in and see)
This is how I grow,
I remember to love me
As my Grindaddy did
I simply let go
Turn towards the problems while I
Trade that shade for tea,
What was of darkness,
Depression, greed and envy,
I fight to be free
To have an impact,
To keep on moving forward,
To know where to lean,
Shade is always there,
And love is always a verb
I'm blessed to receive
I'm not alone, just
Flanked on all sides by angels
Blocking shade that lies 
Behind demon eyes
That fail to connect to what
What they feel inside
Only snap judgments
and inferiority
Damaging the worst,
Clogging the bases
Wanting second stuck on first,
Causing worlds of thirst
(Lord help me be strong)
In adversity
Darkness reveals the brightest
But does not make it,
This Light you can see,
Any good without is just
The God within me
Move out of my way
Or come on in toward problems
That our souls can see
Where when life throws shade -
I just keep the faith and take
A sip of my tea
© Arkay Evans 2016

Sunday, September 27, 2015

The River Runs Deep


Check out the spoken word version here: 

(The Power of a Praying Woman)
Between you and me,
there are rivers running in my sleep
And heaven's waters flowing
down to streets where I have been and gone,
the lowest point to carry on,
where rock bottom
nurtures growth,
and troops evolved, twenty strong,
driving monsters, forty long,
praying tall against a demon,
laughing at the false retreat,
as the rivers teach to run deeper,
and waters flow to feed her,
givin birth to a universe
in waves rushin to the sea,
Sculping curves, and coming forth as
A woman, heaven's masterpiece,
a creature whose soul is so ancient
only God truly appreciates it,
Yes, these rivers do run deep!
As she thrives
above the dangers of murk,
She dreams
In a city that never sleeps,
She grows among a people rejecting her,
and claims this peace as hers to keep,
Wrapping her arms of gladness,
lifting up the art of blackness
to be seen from outer space,
And these rivers flow,
cleansing dirty rainblows, and spilling us with heaven's grace
so love has depth,
a diamond the Divine protects
even deeper, feeding grasses even greener
acknowledging all of God's creatures
that grow to the knowing of her nature,
The connection between you and I,
just starting out to just to get by
like trouble, crouching on the edge of existence,
stretching the truth,
we find our faith in hot pursuit,
hoping high and forward bound
blooming with a pure belief,
above the glass ceiling,
where a praying woman's favor
is found
© Arkay Evans 2015
Lyrica, Vocals & Spoken Word by Arkay Evans
Poem & Image Copyrighted

Friday, April 10, 2015


Love is where he finds me
lost in divinity,
My hands engaged
in this playful creation,
My magnetic brain
calling for a whim,
Thinking it's the day
before the prior one to freedom
My heart feeling
how much I need him...
And the next day brings surprises
I wasn't seeking,
A chance to sleep in
like a three day weekend,
And that's when he asks me
Till I smirk,
You already know boo,
It feels too good
to be intimate with this Contentment
Much like the night sky
knows the blush of a blood moon,
You gotta be cool
with letting the chaos
happen around you and
Not To You...
So he smiles at me warmly,
Grandma and Grindaddy's girl,
A proud product of the killing floor,
A former friend of the very damaged
and their Absolute Madness,
Little girls lost in rife, fat pathology,
Then he kissed me deeply,
Said love is all about me,
A rose petal digging the jet stream
Flying so far from the tree as
A universe of reasons
to rise above the pain and demons
you've focused on,
Pain that's owned you far too long...
By heaven's grace,
A creative place moves beyond the
Fraudulent praise,
And as a saint addicted to sin,
I remove myself
I am human
In love with this life
when I love the moment I'm in,
And much like the ocean,
This In-Gasm rolls
when poetry flows
from my soul to my skin
Poem: In Gasm © Arkay Evans 2015

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Every Man Is Pro-Choice

'Jacket or Nah?'
and with or without awareness
Every man is pro choice;
He can choose prophylactics,
Rain jackets
Or nah
Either way, it is he
Who has first dibs
on whether there will be
the birth of a child
or a social disease,
And there are equal weights
On she,
For the demands of accountability
Have no bias,
The reality of
these consequences are for
Grown folks only
Every man should know, that
Barring foolish sabotage
or plot manipulation,
His is the first choice
Before penetration,
Jacket or nah,
There should be no confusion,
And then, in the end,
If and when whatever goes
To the next level,
One can trust -
Boys will do
What they wanna do, while
Men do what they must


© Arkay Evans 2015