Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Why Every Man Is Pro-Choice

'Jacket or Nah?'
and with or without awareness
Every man is pro choice;
He can choose prophylactics,
Rain jackets
Or nah
Either way, it is he
Who has first dibs
on whether there will be
the birth of a child
or a social disease,
And there are equal weights
On she,
For the demands of accountability
Have no bias,
The reality of
these consequences are for
Grown folks only
Every man should know, that
Barring foolish sabotage
or plot manipulation,
His is the first choice
Before penetration,
Jacket or nah,
There should be no confusion,
And then, in the end,
If and when whatever goes
To the next level,
One can trust -
Boys will do
What they wanna do, while
Men do what they must


© Arkay Evans 2015

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