Friday, April 10, 2015


Love is where he finds me
lost in divinity,
My hands engaged
in this playful creation,
My magnetic brain
calling for a whim,
Thinking it's the day
before the prior one to freedom
My heart feeling
how much I need him...
And the next day brings surprises
I wasn't seeking,
A chance to sleep in
like a three day weekend,
And that's when he asks me
Till I smirk,
You already know boo,
It feels too good
to be intimate with this Contentment
Much like the night sky
knows the blush of a blood moon,
You gotta be cool
with letting the chaos
happen around you and
Not To You...
So he smiles at me warmly,
Grandma and Grindaddy's girl,
A proud product of the killing floor,
A former friend of the very damaged
and their Absolute Madness,
Little girls lost in rife, fat pathology,
Then he kissed me deeply,
Said love is all about me,
A rose petal digging the jet stream
Flying so far from the tree as
A universe of reasons
to rise above the pain and demons
you've focused on,
Pain that's owned you far too long...
By heaven's grace,
A creative place moves beyond the
Fraudulent praise,
And as a saint addicted to sin,
I remove myself
I am human
In love with this life
when I love the moment I'm in,
And much like the ocean,
This In-Gasm rolls
when poetry flows
from my soul to my skin
Poem: In Gasm © Arkay Evans 2015

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