Sunday, September 27, 2015

The River Runs Deep


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(The Power of a Praying Woman)
Between you and me,
there are rivers running in my sleep
And heaven's waters flowing
down to streets where I have been and gone,
the lowest point to carry on,
where rock bottom
nurtures growth,
and troops evolved, twenty strong,
driving monsters, forty long,
praying tall against a demon,
laughing at the false retreat,
as the rivers teach to run deeper,
and waters flow to feed her,
givin birth to a universe
in waves rushin to the sea,
Sculping curves, and coming forth as
A woman, heaven's masterpiece,
a creature whose soul is so ancient
only God truly appreciates it,
Yes, these rivers do run deep!
As she thrives
above the dangers of murk,
She dreams
In a city that never sleeps,
She grows among a people rejecting her,
and claims this peace as hers to keep,
Wrapping her arms of gladness,
lifting up the art of blackness
to be seen from outer space,
And these rivers flow,
cleansing dirty rainblows, and spilling us with heaven's grace
so love has depth,
a diamond the Divine protects
even deeper, feeding grasses even greener
acknowledging all of God's creatures
that grow to the knowing of her nature,
The connection between you and I,
just starting out to just to get by
like trouble, crouching on the edge of existence,
stretching the truth,
we find our faith in hot pursuit,
hoping high and forward bound
blooming with a pure belief,
above the glass ceiling,
where a praying woman's favor
is found
© Arkay Evans 2015
Lyrica, Vocals & Spoken Word by Arkay Evans
Poem & Image Copyrighted

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