Monday, June 6, 2016

25 Ways I Sip My Tea

Now that I'm awake,
there's more than one way to take
A sip of my tea
I heard them ask me,
How to beat sad stories that
I share globally
I turn and face them,
the problems my soul can see,
to find solutions
There are some humans
that spend each waking moment
Stealing dignity,
guides my spirit into joy
Hope comes back ten-fold
In digital skies,
I find amazing creatures
With passions as I
Rounding the bases,
Focused on inner travels
Journeys of the mind
Transitions are tough
Riding the rocking chair
Trying to get there
Where solutions are
Feeling like a part of me
Out where we gather,
It has to matter
if we simulate ourselves
Genetic copies
Whether or not I
fail or succeed with answers
I can learn from them,
Clean up my own mess
Even as I'm moving on
Leaving parts of me,
(Tune in and see)
This is how I grow,
I remember to love me
As my Grindaddy did
I simply let go
Turn towards the problems while I
Trade that shade for tea,
What was of darkness,
Depression, greed and envy,
I fight to be free
To have an impact,
To keep on moving forward,
To know where to lean,
Shade is always there,
And love is always a verb
I'm blessed to receive
I'm not alone, just
Flanked on all sides by angels
Blocking shade that lies 
Behind demon eyes
That fail to connect to what
What they feel inside
Only snap judgments
and inferiority
Damaging the worst,
Clogging the bases
Wanting second stuck on first,
Causing worlds of thirst
(Lord help me be strong)
In adversity
Darkness reveals the brightest
But does not make it,
This Light you can see,
Any good without is just
The God within me
Move out of my way
Or come on in toward problems
That our souls can see
Where when life throws shade -
I just keep the faith and take
A sip of my tea
© Arkay Evans 2016

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