~A LIFE through the eyes of; faith~

The Arkay Photo Gallery.


Mi Violini
(©2010 arkay evans)

Cherry Blossom
(©2010 arkay evans)

Joshua (aka 'Sexy Flexy' of 3one3)
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Poppin' Bottles

Self Portrait:
'Van Gone'
(©2010 arkay evans)

'Like Father, Like Son'
(©2010 arkay evans)
An entire 
24 hours
 fresh with miracles, joy
like sunlight,
played games of 'simon says'
touching and reflecting all the strength
of the father/son aura;
kissing freckled faces
in exact same places;
Still, somehow,
 I see me

Colors of the Sun
(©2010 arkay evans)

Guess Who's Watching II
(©2010 arkay evans)

Curbed Enthusiasm
(©2010 arkay evans)

Ah, to relive it -
Those lazy glory days
when there's always so much piddle to do
and so little time to do it, and
Every weekend is college crazy
Exactly like we like it